What are your delivery methods?
To ensure our clients get the most viable and cost effective shipping, we work with a variety of carriers.
When you place an order we will pack & ship your products in the way that will be most efficient and least expensive.

What are your delivery times?
Most of our orders are shipped on the following day after purchase.
The delivery time varies depending on your location, but we typically deliver within 2 days to Massachusetts, Rhode Island and southern New Hampshire.

Do you accept returns or issue refunds?
We DO NOT accept requests for refunds or returns.
We’ll gladly provide resources, samples, and answer any questions you may have about our products before you purchase.

How do you charge for shipping?
Shipping fees will be added to your order total after we quote our carrier partners. We do this to ensure you get the most viable & cost effective shipping rates given the size/weight of our material. Our office will notify you of the final amount of your order including the shipping cost before we charge your credit card.